Agri Engineering

# Question Answer
1 Father of agricultural engineering in India is : Proff. Mason Vaugh
2 Average man can develop maximum power of about ............ for doing farm work. 0.1 hp (74.6 watts)
3 Power developed by an average by an average bullocks pair is about ............ for usual farm work. 1 hp (746watts)
4 In 1960-61 a tractor manufacture started in India by first manufacturer : m/s EICHER good earth
5 The first tractor manufactured in India -EICHER has : Air cooling engine
6 Working life of tractor drawn cultivator is usually : 2500 hour's
7 The use of tractor is consider economical when it is utilized for : 1000 hours/year
8 In India power tiller was introduced in the year : 1963
9 In Japan, the successful model of power tiller was designed in the year: 1947
10 A device which convert chemical energy into mechanical energy is called : Engine
11 Internal combustion engine was invented by : Nicolas Otto
12 Thermal efficiency of diesel engine varies from : 32 %-38 %
13 Thermal efficiency of petrol engine varies from : 25%-32 %
14 Compression ratio of diesel engine varies from : 14:1 to 22:1
15 Compression ratio of petrol engine varies from : 5:1 to 8:1
16 Stroke bore ratio varies from: 1 to 1.45
17 Stroke bore ratio of tractor is : 1.25
18 Life of tractor is : 10000 hrs or 10 year
19 The process of removal of burnt or exhaust gases from the engine cylinder is known as : Scavenging
20 Carburetor is the main part of : Petrol engine
21 Efficiency of tractor is : 1000 hrs /year
22 Engine in which one cycle is completed in two revolutions of crank shaft is called : Four stroke engine
23 Engine in which one cycle is completed in one revolutions of crank shaft is called : Two stroke engine
24 Distance traveled by piston from TDC to BDC is called : Stroke
25 Cylinder diameter is also known as : Bore
26 External combustion engine utilizes the heat in the form of : Steam
27 A shaft of an engine which convert the reciprocating motion of the piston into rotary motion of the flywheel is called : Crankshaft
28 I.H.P.stands for : Indicated Horse Power
29 B.H.P. Stands for : Brake Horse Power
30 In diesel engine the component used at the place of spark plug is : Injector /Nozzle
31 The pump of forced feed lubrication of an IC engine is operated by : Camshaft
32 Diesel engine dose not have : Spark plug
33 The single cylinder engine is generally used for : Stationary work
34 Calorific value of high speed diesel oil (HSD) is : 10550 kcal/kg
35 Calorific value of light speed diesel oil (LSD) is : 10300 Kcal/kg
36 Calorific value of power kerosene is : 10850 Kcal/Kg
37 Calorific value of petrol is : 11100 Kcal/kg
38 Calorific value of biogas is : 4500 Kcal/meter cube
39 Biogas invented by : S. P. Desai
40 Rotavator is used for : Seedbed preparation, weed control, mixing and puddling of soil
41 Finer operation performed for seedbed preparation is known as : Secondary tillage
42 Implement which is used to churming the soil in standing water water is known as : Puddler
43 Standing water requirement in puddling is : 5 to 10 cm



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