# Question Answer
1 Scientific name Oryza sativa
2 Origin South east Asia
3 Protein content in Rice is 6-7%
4 Fat content in Rice is 2-2.5%
5 Paraboiling of Rice conserve the vitamin Thiamin(Vitamin B)
6 Rice inflorescence is called Panicle
7 Fruit of Rice is called Caryopsis
8 Rice grows well in soils having a pH range between 5.5 - 6.5
9 Hulling percentage of rice is 75%
10 Seed rate of rice required for 1 ha Bradcasting:100kg,Drilling:60kg,Transplanting:40kg
11 Khaira disease of rice due to Zn deficiency
12 White eye of rice is due to Fe deficiency
13 The gas emits from rice field is Methane
14 Akiochi disease in rice is due to H2S toxicity
15 Iron toxicity in rice is known as Browning of rice
16 Fe toxicity tolerant variety is Phalguna
17 Flooding irrigation method commonly used for? Rice
18 One of the most important cultural practices in the rice field? Puddling
19 The scientific name of rice - Oryza sativa
20 Origin of rice - South East Asia
21 Dapog Method - Introduced from Philippines Seedling read for transplanting in 12Days after sowing
22 Rice husk- contain Silica used for the manufacture of cement



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