Animal and Dairy Science

# Question Answer
1 Which animal called "Poor man's cow"? Goat
2 Which animal is called "Poor man's mobile bank"? Sheep
3 Where is Central institute of Goat research (CIGR) located? Makhadoom (Mathura,UP)
4 Where is Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute located? Avikanagar
5 Cattle disease that is communicated to man is Anthrax
6 Cow milk is light yellow colour due to Carotene
7 Buffalo milk is white in color due to presence of Casein
8 Sugar constituent of milk is known as Lactose
9 In which state milk production is highest ? Uttar Pradesh
10 Best crop for silage making is Maize
11 Which is first clone of adult animal(Sheep)? Dolly
12 Which element deficient in milk? Iron(Fe)
13 Protein is present in milk in the form of Colloidal
14 Fat globules in the milk are in form of Emulsion
15 Which hormone responsible for letdown of milk ? Oxytocin
16 Disbudding in calf of newborn is done at the age of: 4-10 Days
17 The boiling point of milk is 100.17°C
18 Sulphur containing vitamins are Thiamine & Biotin
19 Sulphur containing Amino acids are: Cystine, Cysteine & Methionine
20 The biggest compartment of ruminant stomach is: Ruman
21 Fat content in double toned milk is: 1.5%
22 Hay can be stored if moisture per cent below: 16%
23 The most variable constituent of milk is: Fat
24 Scientific castration is done by using an instrument known as: Burdizzo castrator
25 Which is tallest breed of goat ? Jamnapari
26 The famous small goat for meat is : Black bengol
27 Best drought breed of cattle in Maharashtra state is Khillar
28 Best draught breed of cattle is Amritmahal
29 Best dairy breed of cow in India is Sahiwal
30 Fine leather prepared from goat skin is: Morocco
31 First domestic animal is: Sheep
32 Milk protein is known as: Casein
33 Cattle meat is known as: Beef
34 Color of egg yolk is due to the pigment: Xanthophyll
35 Egg shell is made up of: CaCo3
36 During pregnancy the hormone that become high or peak is: Progesterone
37 Best method of milking is : Full hand Method
38 Biggest, majestic and dairy type breed of goat in India is : Jamunapari
39 Dual purpose (Meat & Wool) breed of Sheep is : Mandya
40 Egg production started in poultry at the age of : 18 - 20 Weeks
41 Fine leather prepared from the goat skin is : Marocco
42 Mastatis is an inflammation of : Udder
43 Protein which is soluble in water and heat coaguable is : Albumin
44 Breed of poultry which is famous for fighting sport is : Aseel
45 Aseel breed of poultry is native of : Uttar Pradesh
46 Which breed of sheep is famous for pelt formation? Karakul
47 The famous small goat for meat is : black bengal
48 Milk fever in cow occurs is due to : Calcium deficiency
49 Highest milk yielder breed of buffalo is : Murrah
50 "Operation flood" is related to : Milk
51 Steer is a castrated male of: Cattle



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