# Question Answer
1 Father of Genetics is ? G.J.Mendel
2 The site of Protein synthesis is? Ribosome
3 Father of Botany is ? Theophrastus
4 Alternate form of Gene is? Allele
5 Father of Zoology is? Aristotle
6 Physical basis of life is : Protoplasm
7 Often cross pollinated crops are : Sorghum, Arhar, Cotton
8 Character which express in one sex only is : Sex limited traits
9 An agent that causes gene mutation is called : Mutagen
10 Holandric genes are located on Y-chromosome (Allosome)responsible for : Maleness
11 In which organ RNA synthesis is take place ? Nucleolus
12 Most mutant tolerant are : Polyploids
13 Onion & garlic are example of : Bulb
14 The shortest phase of all the mitosis phase is : Anaphase
15 The theory of Natural selection was proposed by : Charles Darwin
16 Ribosomes are small cellular particles which are the sites of : Protein synthesis
17 Closest form of inbreeding possible in self-incompatible species is : Sib-mating
18 Life was first originated in water the theory of genes in the chromosome was introduced by : Morgan
19 A common crop of natural auto tetraploids grown in India is : Potato
20 Autotriploidy is found in : Banana
21 Clone selection mostly used in crop : Ginger
22 Common bread wheat is : Allohexaploid
23 Auto-tetraploidy is found in : Potato & Coffee
24 Cotton & tobacco crop is : Allotetraploid
25 Chromosome was discovered by : Strasburger
26 Chromosome theory of inheritance was given by : Sutton & Bovery
27 Development of seed by self-pollination is : Autogamy
28 Development of fruit without fertilization is : Parthenocarpy
29 A virus that infect bacteria is called : Bacteriophage
30 An exact genetic replica of a specific gene or an entire organism is : Clone
31 Composite varieties are developed in : Cross pollinated crops
32 A chart that traces the flow of genetics information from generation to generation is : Pedigree
33 Who proposed Mass Pedigree Method in cotton : Harrington (1937)
34 The breeding method generally used to improve specific character of a well_adapted variety is : Backcross
35 The theory of acquired characteristics was proposed by : Lamarck
36 The progeny of single self-pollinated homozygous plant is : Pure line
37 The parent used only once in back cross breeding method is : Donor or non-recurrent parent
38 The newer method for crop improvement is : Mutagenesis
39 The oldest selection method for crop improvement is Mass selection
40 The general breeding method is : Introduction
41 The breeding method is not appropriate for cross pollinated crops is : Pure Line selection
42 In CAM plants transpiration is negligible due to : Stomata are closed during the day
43 Example of prokaryotes : Cell of Mycoplasma, Bacteria & Blue green algae
44 Cell wall of fungi chiefly made up of : Chitin
45 A cell contains genetically identical two copies of each chromosome : Double haploid
46 DNA was first synthesized by : A. Kornberg
47 Effective selection can be made in : Multilines
48 First hybrid of rice was developed by : Y.L.Ping (China)
49 The world's first hybrid cotton was developed by : C.T.Patel(1970)
50 First inter-specific cross was made by : Thomas Fairchild (1717)
51 The first transgenic plant was developed by : fraley in Tabacco(1983)



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