# Question Answer
1 Body and wings covered by overlapping scales found in order : Lepidoptera
2 Central Plant Protection Training Institute is located at Hyderabad
3 What is Hyper parasitism? A parasitic species grows parasitically on other parasitic species and this phenomenon is pest.
4 Amsacta moorei is the scientific name of: Red hairy caterpillar
5 Biological control of rice borer is : Trichogramma japonicum
6 Bromadiolone (0.005%) is an effective : Rodenticide
7 Certain secretions attract the opposite sex of the same species termed as : Pheromone
8 Cervix is located between : Head & Prothorax
9 Lady bird beetle is a : Predator
10 A any species that interferes with human activities, properties or health or is objectionable is called : Pest
11 A chemical gives adaptive advantage to the receiver but not to the emitter is : Kairomone
12 An insecticide used as seed treatment for sucking pest is : Imidaclopride
13 Sucking pest (Aphids, Jassid, whiteflies and mealy bugs )are effectively control by : Systemic insecticide
14 Antennae is absent in : Protura
15 Mode of action of Bt ( Bacillus thuringiensis ) is : Stomach poison
16 common molluscicide is : Metaldehyde
17 Grease painting (Tree banding ) in mango tree is done to control: Mealy bugs
18 DDT pesticide is banned due to Prolong persistence in soil
19 Spotted bollworm, Earias vitella is the pest the of Cotton & okra
20 Eco-friendly insecticide is : Nimbecidine
21 Example of an insect order having aquatic nymphal stage is : Odonata
22 Father of host plant resistance is : R.H. Painter
23 NPV is mostly used to control : Lepidopteran insect
24 Bud necrosis in groundnut is transmitted by : Thrips
25 Binomial system of nomenclature was first given by : Carl Linnaeus
26 The scientific name of maize stem borer is : Chilo partellus
27 Termite control can also be done by : Irrigation
28 The chief excretory organ in insect is : Malpighian tubules
29 Juvenile hormone secreted by : Corpora allata
30 The main characteristic feature of an insect is : Three pair of legs
31 which is the best suitable species for bee culture : Apis mellifera
32 What is optimum plant population for Bt-cotton ? 10,000 plant /hector
33 Largest size of the honey bee is : Apis dorsata
34 House fly spread the disease : Cholera
35 The safe insecticide for vegetable : Malathion
36 The most widely used pheromone is : Sex pheromone
37 Major pest of cucurbits is : Pumpkin beetle
38 Diamond back moth is pest of : Crucifers
39 The most suitable fumigant for quarantine purpose is : Methyle bromide
40 The most effective moulting hormone in insect is : Ecdysome
41 The major excretory product of insect is : Uric acid
42 Nosema disease of honey bee is caused by a protozoa : Nosema apis
43 Sliver shoot & onion leaf in rice is caused by : Gall midge ( Orseolia ooizae)
44 Bud necrosis in watermelon and muskmelon is transmitted by: Aphids
45 Insect can survive at high temperature and low humidity is : Khapra beetle
46 Protein hydrolysate is used used as an attractant for the control of : Fruit fly
47 Aphelinus mali has been a successful parasitoid in controlling : Apple wooly aphids
48 Rodolia cardinalis has been successful predator in controlling : Cottony cushion scale
49 The infestation of which insect starts from the field : Angoumois grain moth
50 If a pest is confined to a particular area and occurs regularly, its infestation is termed as Endemic



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