# Question Answer
1 State known as 'Apple bowl of India' is? Himachal Pradesh
2 Cider is the fermented wine prepared from? Apple
3 Fruit of rose known as? Hips
4 Fruit of okra is known as? Capsule
5 Coconut is propagated by? Seed
6 Inflorescence of cauliflower is known as? Catken
7 Pusa snow ball is variety of? Cauliflower
8 Black heart of potato is due to? Oxygen deficiency
9 Development of fruits without fertilization is called? Parthenocarpy
10 Concentration of sugar is used for preservation? 60-70%
11 Which is the late ripening cultivar of ber? Umran
12 Edible part of the Cabbage is? Head
13 Origin place of date palm is? Iraq
14 Which state is leading producer of litchi? Bihar
15 Maroon is the variety of? Karonda
16 Karonda richest source of? Iron
17 Double century is variety of? Coconut
18 Pajaro is the variety of? Strawberry
19 Bolero is the variety of? Marigold
20 Early variety of Ber is? Gola
21 Single seeded nut? Litchi
22 Blanching is an important process of? Cauliflower
23 Whiptail of cauliflower is due to? Molybdenum(Mo) deficiency
24 Most salt tolerant fruit is? Date Palm
25 Watermelon is native of? Africa
26 Origin of orchid is? India
27 Finest fruit of the world is? Mangosteen
28 Origin of cucumber India
29 Edible part of knoll khol is? Swollen Stem
30 Saffron is obtained from? Style and Stigma
31 Aroma in fruits is due to presence of? Esters
32 Cricket ball and Murrabba are the popular varieties of? Sapota
33 The chemical used to prevent sprouting during storage of onion? MH(Malic Hydrazide)
34 Chief pollinating agent in onion is? honey bee
35 Forking of carrot due to? Compact soil
36 Yellow colour of Papay due to? Caricaxanthin
37 Redness of Apple due to? Anthocyanin
38 Red colour of Tomato is due to? Lycopene
39 Buttoning of Cauliflower is due to? Deficiency of Nitrogen
40 Botanical name of banana? Musa Paradisiaca
41 Banana is mostly propagated by Sword suckers and Rhizome
42 Most serious disease of papaya seedling is? Damping off



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