Plant Pathology

# Question Answer
1 Father of Plant Pathology is? Anton de Berry
2 Father of Microbiology is Louis Pasteur
3 Fungi obtaining food from dead organic matter called Saprophyte
4 Mycelium growing on the surface of host is called Ectophytic
5 Mycelium growing inside host tissues is called Endophytic
6 Complete stem parasite is Cuscuta
7 Partial stem parasite is Loranthus
8 Complete root parasite is Orobanche
9 Partial root parasite is Striga
10 Epidemiology of wheat rust in India was studies by Dr.K.C. Mehta
11 Alternate host of stem rust of Wheat is Barberry
12 Bunch or group of hyphae is called Mycelium
13 Chemical which kills the fungi is called Fungicide
14 Organism which lives entirely on living tissue or host is called Obligate Parasite
15 First viral disease(Tabacco mosaic) reported by Adolf Mayer
16 Bunchy top of Banana caused by Virus
17 Loose smut pathogen of wheat is Internally seed borne
18 Which test use for bacteria detection? Ooze test
19 Purple blotch of onion is cause by Alternaria porri
20 In which disease plant become very taller? Bakanae
21 Late blight of potato cause by Phytophthora infestans
22 Casual organism of Black rust of Wheat is Puccinia graminis tritici
23 Carboxin (Vitavax) is very effective against Smut Disease
24 ELISA (Enzyme linked Ammuno-Sorbent Assay) is mainly done for detection of Virus Disease
25 Gram staining method in bacteria was given by Christain Gram 1884
26 The most effective fungicide for control of Powdery Mildew Sulphur fungicide (Karathane)
27 Wart Disease of Potato casused by Synchytrium endobioticum
28 White rust of cauliflower is caused by Plasmodiophora infestans
29 Wart disease of Potato in the country is restricted to Darjeeling hills



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