Soil Science

# Question Answer
1 Father of Soil Science V.V. Dokuchaev
2 Father of Microbiology? S.N. Winogradsky
3 Father of Agriculture chemistry is M.L. Liebig
4 Criteria of essentiality of were given by Arnon & Stout (1939)
5 Major Phosphurous fertilizer in India DAP
6 Explosive fertilizer is Ammonium nitrate
7 In which soil canker nodules are found ? Red soil
8 Particle density of most of the soil is 2.65g/cc
9 In SSP sulphur contains is 12%
10 pH scale given by Sorenson(1909)
11 pF scale given by Schofield(1935)
12 Beneficial elements are Cobalt(Co), Sodium(Na), Vanadium (Va), Silicon (Si)
13 Nutrient Mobility given by R.Bray
14 Concept of functional nutrient given by D.J. NIcholas (1961)
15 Leghemoglobin in root nodules is responsible for Transport of Oxygen
16 Which soil structure is best for crop cultivation? Crumby structure
17 Cheapest Nitrogen containing fertilizer Urea
18 Diameter of clay soil particle is Less than 0.002mm
19 Bulk density of general soil is 1.33g/cc
20 Permissible limit of soil loss by water is 12 tannoe/ha
21 Black cotton soil found in Maharashtra
22 Total pore space is highest in Clay Soil
23 Montmorillonite is a type of mineral 2:1 Expanding type
24 Kaolinite is type of mineral 1:1 Non expanding type
25 Chlorites are type of mineral 2:1:1 Limited expanding type
26 Recently formed soil Order is Entisol
27 Weight of soil furrow slice is 2.25 * 10^6 kg/ha
28 O' horizon is absent in Arable soil
29 Process of mixing of soil is known as Pedoturbation
30 Process of moving out of sesquioxide is known as Podzolization
31 Soil having at least 20% organic matter is known as Organic soil
32 Chief constituent of sandy fraction is Quartz
33 Plant absorb phosphorous in the form of H2PO4 AND PO4
34 The major organic cementing agent in soil aggregate formation is Polysaccharides
35 Which are major plant nutrients? Nitrogen(N), Phosphorous(P), Potassium(K)
36 According to Arnon and stout total essiential elements to the plants are 16
37 Which elements are immobile in soil but mobile in plant? Phosphours(P) and zinc (Zn)
38 Which elements are immobile in plants? Calcium(Ca)and Boron(Bo)
39 Which is non-metal micro-nutrint element? Boron(Bo)
40 Nitrogen fixation in soil by Rhizobium is increase by Phosphours(P)
41 Element which is available in both anion and cation form? Nitrogen
42 Which pulse crop that does not fix Nitrogen from atmosphere ? Rajma ( Phaseolus vulgaris )
43 First manufactured fertilizer in India is Single super phosphate (SSP)
44 Opening of stomata is related with Potassium (K)
45 Which element is essential for plant root developments? Phosphorous
46 Plant grown in saline soil are known as Halophyte
47 Blue green algae (BGA) fix nitrogen mainly in Rice field
48 Burning quality of tobacco decreases due to Cloride
49 What is Eutrophication? Eutrophication means enrichment of water bodies by nutrient and consequent bloom of algae and other aquatic plants.
50 Highly salt tolerant crop is Barley
51 Natural soil aggregates are known as Peds
52 Salt affected soil are mostly formed in Arid and semi-aride climate
53 Deficiency symptoms of Nitrogen occurs first on: Lower leaves
54 Fine texture soils are more sensitive to: Water erosion
55 Insoluble fraction of organic matter is: Humin
56 The first phase of soil formation is? Weathering
57 Color of muscovite? White
58 Saline soil is also called? White Alkali
59 Urea synthesis is given by? Wholer
60 Which country first introduced Zero Tillage? USA
61 White Bud of Maize is due to deficiency of? Zinc
62 The moderate mobile nutrient is? Zn
63 The first organic fertilizer? Urea



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